Pablo Discobar is a contemporary streetwear and lifestyle brand founded and designed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Pablo Discobar is more than just a brand. It's about style and attitude with a strong graphic expression that combines edgy urban elements with clever references to classic high-end iconic fashion.

In contrast to today’s mainstream fashion space that is managed by sales figures and mostly churns out predictable stuff for the masses, Pablo Discobar’s anonymous design syndicate has no-limits freedom of expression to create styles that are revolutionary, innovative, undeniably unique and outspoken. Our Signature Graphics take cues from Urban Culture, Music and Art.

Street essentials such as hoodies, track jackets, pants and tee’s are at the core of the brand. Our signature graphics and visual language elevates these styles into unique fashion items aimed at the young urban consumer who wants to stand out in the crowd. Or as we call it: be an “Hijo de Pablo”

Pablo Discobar is available in our online store and selected retailers across the globe.

* note: certain graphic elements in our collection do not mean we promote drug use or violence in any way.